Global Space Exploration Conference

L'Enfant Plaza Hotel, Washington, DC, USA

Technical Tracks

01. Using the ISS to Prepare for Exploration

Not only is the ISS the current focus of human spaceflight for many nations, it provides the opportunity to perform research, demonstrate key technologies, and test operational capabilities and procedures for exploration. This session will examine efforts ongoing, planned and potential for maximizing the use of ISS to prepare for exploration.

  • Co-chairs : Derechin Alexander G. (Dr.), Raftery Michael

Sessions open

ISS as the Foundation for Exploration

  • Co-chairs : Raftery Michael, Derechin Alexander G. (Dr.)
  • Rapporteurs : Korsmeyer David (Dr.)
  • Speakers : Charles John (Dr.), Duggan Matthew, Ess Kim, Fuglesang Christer (Dr.), Gargioli Eugenio, Hatfield Caris, Mishra Nishith, Smitherman David, Surin Dmitriy, Ueno Hiroshi

Exploration Technology Demonstration Using ISS

  • Co-chairs : Cooke Douglas, Nelson George (Dr.)
  • Rapporteurs : McKenna-Lawlor Susan (Prof.Dr.)
  • Speakers : Becker Karl, Buckley Nicole (Dr.), Fong Terry (Dr.), Hovland Scott, Keenan Paul, Schoonejans Philippe, Xiao Chen

Poster Session

  • Speakers : Velidi Gurunadh, Saprykin Oleg (Dr.), Sanda Matyáš, Tempesta Stefano, Grandmont Frederic (Dr.)

02. Return to the Moon

Scientific highlights from past missions, and goals of planned future missions will be discussed. This session will review concepts for missions to the Moon, ranging from robotic orbiters and landers to eventual human missions. Staging posts which enable human missions will be discussed. The role of robots in preparing for human exploration of the moon will be discussed, as well as the important tasks for humans and robots working together on the lunar surface.

  • Co-chairs : Piedboeuf Jean-Claude (Dr.), Craig Mark

Sessions open

Scientific Highlights and Lessons from Recent Lunar Missions

  • Co-chairs : Neal Clive (Prof.) (confirmed), Matsumoto Kohtaro
  • Rapporteurs : Shearer Charles (Dr.)
  • Speakers : Dell'Agnello Simone (Dr.), Fonseca Jose (Prof.Dr.), Kasper Justin (Dr.), Kruzelecky Roman (Dr.), Neal Clive (Prof.) (confirmed), Shearer Charles (Dr.), O'Brien Brian J. (Prof.)

Goals and Status of Future Lunar Missions

  • Co-chairs : Ehrenfreund Pascale (Prof.), Neal Clive (Prof.) (confirmed)
  • Rapporteurs : Schlutz Juergen
  • Speakers : Burfeindt Juergen (Dr.), Claasen Friedhelm, Faragalli Michele, Hofmann Peter (Dr.), Heldmann Jennifer (Dr.), Lavagna Michèle (Dr.), Lazio Joseph (Dr.), MacDowall Robert (Dr.)

Concepts for Robotic and Human Missions to the Moon

  • Co-chairs : Piedboeuf Jean-Claude (Dr.), Karabadzhak George , Korsmeyer David (Dr.)
  • Speakers : Brown Kendall (Dr.), Donahue Benjamin, Francesconi Pietro (Dr.), Ghafoor Nadeem (Dr.), Hopkins Josh, Hufenbach Bernhard, Keravala Jim, Kiker Edward, Post Kevin, Shiraki Kuniaki (Dr.), Zoest Tim van (Dr.)

Lunar Surface Outposts and Enabling Technologies

  • Co-chairs : Piedboeuf Jean-Claude (Dr.), Pace Scott (Dr.), Blamont Jacques
  • Rapporteurs : Thangavelu Madhu
  • Speakers : Akin David (Prof.Dr.), Bolkunov Alexei, De Kestelier Xavier, González-Cinca Ricard (Dr.), Junhua Feng, Pestak Christopher, Ramachandran Narayanan (Dr.), Sanders Gerald, Thangavelu Madhu, Weiß André

Poster Session

  • Speakers : Sagliano Marco, Eubanks Thomas Marshall, Cohen Marc (Dr.), Gharib Nima, JOHN NESTER OLUSOJI, Dong Guangliang (Prof.), SANJEEVIRAJA THANGAVEL, Ladewig David, Qu Xin (Dr.), Smirnova Julie (Dr.), Kochemasov Gennady, Khaibullin Marvat (Dr.), Bose Parmita, Brown Kendall (Dr.), Mueller Robert, Dawar Sameer, Oyama Daniel, Joslyn Thomas (Dr.), Crawford Ian (Dr.)

03. Robotic Precursors to Human Exploration

Robotic precursors have always prepared the way for human followers. Missions that are conceived as science missions or primarily as human precursor missions offer the opportunity to close key knowledge gaps in preparing for human exploration. This session will examine key knowledge gaps for each destination and the contribution of recently completed or planned robotic missions to closing those gaps. It will also explore concepts for maximizing the return on any robotic mission in preparing for future human missions.

  • Co-chairs : Wargo Michael (Dr.), Graziano Mariella

Sessions open

Lunar Robotic Precursor Missions

  • Co-chairs : Wargo Michael (Dr.), Graziano Mariella
  • Rapporteurs : Lavagna Michèle (Dr.)
  • Speakers : Chavers Greg (Dr.), Crawford Ian (Dr.), Fisackerly Richard, Gump David, Hashimoto Tatsuaki (Prof.), Kruzelecky Roman (Dr.), Picard Martin, Shearer Charles (Dr.)

Robotic Precursors to the Mars System

  • Co-chairs : Finzi Amalia Ercoli, Wargo Michael (Dr.)
  • Rapporteur : Graziano Mariella
  • Speakers : Ceballos Antonio, Kim Youn-Kyu, Lang Jared, Morse Elisabeth, Murchie Scott (Dr.)

Asteroid Robotic Precursor Missions

  • Co-chairs : Galvez Andres, Kuninaka Hitoshi (Dr.)
  • Rapporteurs : Finzi Amalia Ercoli
  • Speakers : Abell Paul (Dr.), Bellerose Julie (Dr.), Dissly Rich (Dr.), Elvis Martin (Dr.), Friedensen Victoria, Mishra Nishith, Ulamec Stephan (Dr.), Zhu ZhengHong (Prof.)

Poster Session

  • Speakers : Riedel Joseph, Straub Jeremy, Iles Peter, Cole Timothy, Ashe Subrata, Sharif Helia, Eknath Varun

04. Human Robotic Partnerships for Exploration

This session addresses where robotic and human elements contribute to deliver value greater than either working alone. The session will examine how robotic systems (tools, rovers, etc) can improve the range, safety, duration or cost of human exploration – from on-orbit telepresence to assistance and autonomy on the surfaces of the Moon, asteroids and Mars. Concepts of operation for joint human/robotic activities will be reviewed.

  • Co-chairs : Ghafoor Nadeem (Dr.), Perino Maria Antonietta (Dr.)

Sessions open

Human Robotic Exploration Partnership

  • Co-chairs : Ghafoor Nadeem (Dr.), Perino Maria Antonietta (Dr.)
  • Rapporteurs : Hodgson Edward
  • Speakers : Baroff Lynn, Deans Matthew (Dr.), Francis Raymond, Gonthier Yves (Dr.), McGuire Jill, Osborne Jeffrey R., Oshinowo Layi

Human Reach via Robotic Presence

  • Co-chairs : Ghafoor Nadeem (Dr.), Perino Maria Antonietta (Dr.)
  • Speakers : Ambrose Robert (Dr.), Burns Jack (Prof.), Haidegger Tamas (Dr.), Lester Daniel (Dr.), Schmidt George (Dr.), ZHOU Jian-yong

Poster Session

  • Speakers : Vigneron Adam (Mr.), Bolonkin Alexander (Dr.), Emeldyashcheva Olga, Hendrikse Jeffrey (Dipl. Ing.), Lee Pascal (Dr.)

05. From Earth Missions to Deep Space Exploration

This session will deal with the past successes and future goals of exploring deep space and how we pave the way from current missions to the future human exploration of the Earth-Moon-Mars space. It will analyze existing research roadmaps for robotic and human exploration or those under elaboration enabling ultimately a human mission to Mars. The alignment of these roadmaps with the long-range mission scenarios analyzed by ISECG will be assessed. The session will further look at sounding rockets, LEO and GEO spacecraft, examining how they can be used to develop and demonstrate technologies that will feed into deep space exploration.

  • Co-chairs : Culbert Chris, Hufenbach Bernhard, Matsumoto Kohtaro

Sessions open

Exploration Capabilities

  • Co-chairs : Culbert Chris, Schaffer Mark
  • Rapporteur : Bridges Joel
  • Speakers : Bridges Joel, Chai Patrick R., Grès Stéphane, Jones David, Landis Geoffrey (Dr.), McLean Christopher, Monk Timothy, Sauvageau Donald, Schaffer Mark, Strange Nathan

Exploration Research and Technologies

  • Co-chairs : Mori Osamu (Dr.), Ward Brenda (Dr.)
  • Rapporteurs : Olansen Jon (Dr.)
  • Speakers : Craft Aaron (Mr.), Gonchar Alexander, Guo chengjun (Dr.), Leachman Jacob (Prof.), McKenna-Lawlor Susan (Prof.Dr.), Mori Osamu (Dr.), Olansen Jon (Dr.), Ruggiero Matteo Luca (Dr.)

Habitation for Exploration Missions

  • Co-chairs : Matsumoto Kohtaro, Toups Larry
  • Rapporteurs : Howe Steven (Dr.)
  • Speakers : Gargioli Eugenio, Hoffman Stephen (Dr.), Scott Howe A. (Dr.), Makushenko Yury, Neubek Deborah, Rucker Michelle, Simon Matthew, Toups Larry

International Plans and Concepts

  • Co-chairs : Piedboeuf Jean-Claude (Dr.), Perino Maria Antonietta (Dr.)
  • Rapporteurs : Hopkins Josh
  • Speakers : Arney Dale, Bischof Bernd, Espinosa Mirella, Hopkins Josh, Karabadzhak George , Perino Maria Antonietta (Dr.), Piedboeuf Jean-Claude (Dr.), Rohan M Ganapathy (Student), Weeks Edythe (Prof.), Worms Jean-Claude (Dr.)

Cis-Lunar Outposts and other Exploration Missions

  • Co-chairs : Falker Jay, Scimemi Sam
  • Rapporteurs : Feldman Stuart
  • Speakers : Carpenter Christian, Feldman Stuart, Galvez Andres, Hinds Emma, Hopkins Josh, Lupisella Mark (Dr.), Martinez Roland, Merrill Raymond, Scimemi Sam, Ticker Ronald, Wilson Roby (Dr.)

Poster Session

  • Speakers : Smith Tabitha, Obousy Richard (Dr.), Taini Giacomo, Hewitt Robert, Chen Lue, Swan Peter (Dr.), Chati Yashovardhan, Ha Yue, Klesh Andrew (Dr.), JOHN NESTER OLUSOJI

06. Exploration of Near Earth Asteroids

Scientific highlights from past missions, and goals of planned future missions will be discussed. This session will review concepts for missions to near Earth asteroids, ranging from robotic missions to eventual human missions. Staging posts which enable human missions will be discussed. The role of robots in preparing for human exploration of asteroids will be discussed, as well as the important tasks for humans and robots working together at the asteroid.

  • Co-chairs : Reed Cheryl , Kuninaka Hitoshi (Dr.)

Sessions open

Human Exploration of NEAs

  • Co-chairs : Kuninaka Hitoshi (Dr.), Reed Cheryl
  • Rapporteurs : Friedensen Victoria
  • Speakers : Abercromby Andrew (Dr.), Boden Ralf, Chappell Steve (Dr.), Dunham David (Dr.), Kundrot Craig (Dr.), Landis Rob, Laurini Kathy, Messidoro Andrea, Prado Jean-Yves

Precursor Missions to NEAs

  • Co-chairs : Friedensen Victoria, Ulamec Stephan (Dr.)
  • Rapporteurs : Reed Cheryl
  • Speakers : Bellerose Julie (Dr.), Johnson Les, Landis Rob, Laurin Denis (Dr.), McCarthy John (Dr.), Michel Patrick (Dr.), Yoshikawa Makoto (Dr.)

Planetary Defense

  • Co-chairs : Reed Cheryl , Ulamec Stephan (Dr.)
  • Rapporteurs : Friedensen Victoria
  • Speakers : Cheng Andy (Dr.), Ge Shen, Matsumoto Kohtaro, Melamed Nahum (Dr.), Pattamukkil Jowin Varghese, Wie Bong (Prof.)

Poster Session

  • Speakers : Arratia Juan (Dr.), Lillie Charles (Dr.), Abe Masanao (Dr.), Liqiang Hou, Daly Michael (Prof.)

07. The Human Space Exploration Value Proposition

What are the benefits of human space exploration, how can investments bring benefits to the global stakeholder community? How does the need to ensure a steady delivery of value to stakeholders influence mission definition?

  • Co-chairs : Pace Scott (Dr.), Craig Mark

Sessions open

The Human Space Exploration Value Proposition

  • Co-chairs : Pace Scott (Dr.), Peter Nicolas
  • Rapporteur : Craig Mark
  • Speakers : Crawford Ian (Dr.), Cremins Tom, Hufenbach Bernhard, Lewis Ruthan (Dr.), Phillips Lynn (Dr.), Sherwood Brent, Suzuki Nantel, Unland John

Poster Session

  • Speakers : Crandall BC, Donoviel Dorit (Dr.), Woodcock Gordon, Beck Beth, Piedboeuf Jean-Claude (Dr.), Martin Annie, Wegeng Robert

08. Exploration of Mars

Scientific highlights from past missions, and goals of planned future missions will be discussed. Furthermore, this session will review concepts for missions to the Mars system, ranging from robotic missions to human missions. The role of robots in preparing for human exploration of Mars will be discussed, as well as the important tasks for humans and robots working together on and near Mars.

  • Co-chairs : Ehrenfreund Pascale (Prof.), Ulamec Stephan (Dr.)

Sessions open

Robotic Mars Exploration

  • Co-chairs : Ehrenfreund Pascale (Prof.), Ulamec Stephan (Dr.)
  • Speakers : Allouis Elie (Dr.), Bednarek Stephanie, Ghafoor Nadeem (Dr.), Giorgio Vincenzo, Hofmann Peter (Dr.), Nicol Christopher, Peacocke Lisa

Mars Sample Return and Human Exploration

  • Co-chairs : Giorgio Vincenzo, McKenna-Lawlor Susan (Prof.Dr.)
  • Rapporteurs : Frick Andreas
  • Speakers : Saganti Premkumar, Bass Deborah (Dr.), Benton Mark, Drake Brett, Graziano Mariella, Munk Michelle, Schulze-Makuch Dirk (Dr.), Saganti Premkumar (Prof.), Salotti Jean Marc (Prof.)

Poster Session

  • Speakers : Zong Peng (Prof.), Sharma Shilpi, Mingireanu Florin, Cheng Bingjun, Linne Diane, Ramos Gonzalo (Dr.), Diaz Eva, Colombo María, Cross Matthew, Hoffman Stephen (Dr.)

09. Technology Roadmaps for Space Exploration

What are the key enabling technologies? How do we ensure they are available to support future missions? How does technology readiness affect exploration mission planning and timing? Presentation of various roadmaps for technology development to support space exploration programs will be organized.

  • Co-chairs : Parrish Joe, Karabadzhak George

Sessions open

Technology Roadmaps for Exploration

  • Co-chairs : Parrish Joe, Saccoccia Giorgio
  • Rapporteurs : Whitley Ryan
  • Speakers : Davidian Ken, Ehrenfreund Pascale (Prof.), Krupiarz Christopher, Lewis Ruthan (Dr.), Marwaha Vinita, Rey Daniel, Ross Howard (Dr.), Saccoccia Giorgio, Vaccaro David

Technology Development Concepts

  • Co-chairs : Culbert Chris, Falker Jay
  • Rapporteurs : Lange Christian (Dr.)
  • Speakers : Donahue Benjamin, Gargioli Eugenio, Hay Jason, Ju Gwanghyeok (Dr.), Lange Christian (Dr.), Sato Naoki, Thompson Robert, Velidi Gurunadh

Enabling Technologies for Exploration

  • Co-chairs : Lange Christian (Dr.), Vangan Scott
  • Speakers : Bacsardi Laszlo, Davarian Faramaz (Dr.), Dennehy Cornelius, Kundrot Craig (Dr.), Lange Christian, Mercer Carolyn (Dr.), Miller Kevin, Teti Frank

Advancing Propulsion Technologies

  • Co-chairs : Karabadzhak George , Schmidt George (Dr.)
  • Rapporteur : Lange Christian (Dr.)
  • Speakers : Johnson Les, Ellerbrock Hartwig, Joyner Claude, Feili Davar (Dr.), Borowski Stanley (Dr.), Fischhaber Lucas, Houts Michael (Dr.), Howe Steven (Dr.), Brasuell Daniel

Poster Session

  • Speakers : SAUVAGE Nicolas, Gostencnik Miha, Blamont Jacques, Laifr Jaroslav, Zaytseva Olga, Sarper Hüseyin (Dr.)

10. Life support Challenges for Human Space Exploration

Robust and reliable life support systems represent one of the major challenges in preparing for deep space exploration missions. Current results, research and theories leading to meeting the challenges of providing food, water and shelter will be discussed.

  • Co-chairs : Hovland Scott, Moore Christopher (Dr.)

Sessions open

Life Support Technologies and Systems

  • Co-chairs : Moore Christopher (Dr.), Hovland Scott
  • Rapporteurs : Jitendra Joshi (Prof.)
  • Speakers : Bagdigian Robert, Cohen Marc (Dr.), Drayer Gregorio, Ganzer Britta, Haeuplik-Meusburger Sandra (Dr.), Heiss Derik, Hodgson Edward, Rygalov Vadim (Dr.)

Supporting Crews for Exploration Missions

  • Co-chairs : Moore Christopher (Dr.), Hovland Scott
  • Rapporteurs : Hermann Nicole
  • Speakers : Crombrugghe Guerric de , Do Sydney, Feichtinger Elena, Ghadaki Farnaz, Henninger Donald (Dr.), Kaur Jasdeep (Dr.), Lehnhardt Kris (Dr.), Lubov Strogonova (Prof.), Rai Balwant (Dr.)

Poster Session

  • Speakers : Crombrugghe Guerric de , Ashe Subrata, Haeuplik-Meusburger Sandra (Dr.), Rygalov Vadim (Dr.), Rai Balwant (Dr.), Kaur Jasdeep (Dr.), Drayer Gregorio

11. Lunar and Asteroid Mining

It is widely acknowledged that the Moon and the asteroids hold the promise of untapped resources beyond Earth orbit, from mineral riches to potentially enabling resources for exploration, such as hydrogen and oxygen. This session will include discussion of timelines, mission concepts and economic analyses associated with lunar and asteroid mining, including scientific, technological and economic challenges. Synergies with near-term international mission opportunities planned over the next decade will also be discussed. Finally, what role can terrestrial mining organizations play in enabling or accelerating resource utilization, given the challenging and lengthy timescales of space exploration?

  • Co-chairs : Ghafoor Nadeem (Dr.), Sanders Gerald

Sessions open

Space Resources Fundamentals & Asteroid Mining

  • Co-chairs : Ghafoor Nadeem (Dr.), Sanders Jerry
  • Rapporteur : Keravala Jim
  • Speakers : Sanders Gerald, Grogan Paul, Mishra Nishith, Singh Hardeep, Cuartielles Joan Pau Sanchez (Dr.), Lavagna Michèle (Dr.), Brophy John (Dr.), Larson William, Monchieri Emanuele, Lark Eva-Jane, Keravala Jim, Ximenes Samuel, Guven Ugur (Dr.)

Poster Session

  • Speakers : Wegeng Robert, Skonieczny Krzysztof, Nolin Anthony, Kolesar Michael, Nejati Houshin, Goff Christopher, Carawan Rand

12. Participatory Exploration for Inspiration and Education

How can we motivate and involve the public? Concepts and ideas for involving this key stakeholder group in the planning and implementation of space exploration missions will be discussed. How can we turn the fascination about exploring the unknown into effective and sustainable education initiatives for the next generation? Lessons learned from past efforts, including results of successful initiatives and future plans will be discussed

  • Co-chairs : Boese Andrea (Dr.), Montgomery Peter

Sessions open

Engaging Citizens: Results and Future Concepts

  • Co-chairs : Boese Andrea (Dr.), Montgomery Peter
  • Rapporteur : Cornell Ariane
  • Speakers : Antolini Paola, Bailey Tim, Beck Beth, Burke James (Dr.), David Leonard, Hopkins Josh, Johnson Hannah, Pryke Ian, Rosenberg Daniel

Educating the Next Generation

  • Co-chairs : Boese Andrea (Dr.), Montgomery Peter
  • Rapporteurs : Cornell Ariane
  • Speakers : Alleyne Camille, Blackwood Alexander, Borders Kareen, Davis Bruce, Drayer Gregorio, Ge Shen, Guven Ugur (Dr.), Olakunle Oladosu (Dr.), Pestak Christopher, Scott Howe A. (Dr.)

Poster Session

  • Speakers : Fong Terry (Dr.), Kiker Edward, Shores David, Chiavassa Florence

13. Legal Issues Related to Space Exploration

There is currently little legislation to govern space exploration. The Outer Space Treaty and the Moon Treaty have their limits. What are the legal issues with space exploration, and exploitation, and what mechanisms can be proposed to address them?

  • Co-chairs : Jorgenson Corinne, Nyampong Yaw (Dr.)

Sessions open

Present and future regulation of space exploration and exploitation: general issues

  • Co-chairs : Jorgenson Corinne, Nyampong Yaw (Dr.)
  • Rapporteurs : Johnson Christopher
  • Speakers : Hansen Rik, Johnson Christopher, Li Bin (Prof.), Mayence Jean-François, Nyampong Yaw (Dr.), Rummel John D. (Prof.), Shandilya Toshit, Troegeler Mildred, Weeks Edythe (Prof.), White Wayne

Specific legal issues of space exploration and exploitation

  • Co-chairs : Jorgenson Corinne, Nyampong Yaw (Dr.)
  • Rapporteurs : Johnson Christopher
  • Speakers : De Man Philip, Force Melissa K., Glaspell Barry, Guven Ugur (Dr.), MATAS Attila, McMurry James Russ , Mukhija Ketan, Pelz Christopher, Pop Virgiliu, Pozza Maria, Rendleman James

Poster Session

14. New Business Models for Space Exploration

Public-Private Partnerships, as well as Commercial and Entrepreneurial models that have been proposed for Space Exploration will be examined. What is the role of governments vs. commercial industry and how can they contribute to each other’s success?

  • Co-chairs : Raftery Michael, Sallaberger Christian (Dr.)

Sessions open

New Business Models for Space Exploration

  • Co-chairs : Raftery Michael, Sallaberger Christian (Dr.)
  • Rapporteurs : Comstock Douglas, Davarian Faramaz (Dr.)
  • Speakers : Black Chuck, Lark Eva-Jane, Calandrelli Emily, Davis Jeffrey R. (Dr.), Gifra Marsal, Gump David, Guthrie Paul, Horsham Gary, Teti Frank

Poster Session

  • Speakers : García-de-Quirós Francisco, Sharma Tanay, Ghadawala Rushi (Dr.), Guven Ugur (Dr.)

15. Interdependency

As human and robotic exploration missions become increasingly complex, space agencies turn to partnerships to realize their goals and objectives. Contributions of multiple partners will become critical for the success of future exploration missions and the overall effort, resulting in interdependency. Such interdependency may need to be realized and managed at various levels (i.e. exploration road-mapping and planning, exploration architecture, individual exploration missions, exploration capability development, and mission operations. This session will analyze driving needs and concepts for interdependency and examine the enablers, barriers, opportunities and lessons learned in establishing an effective interdependent partnership.

  • Co-chairs : Hufenbach Bernhard, Free James

Sessions open


  • Co-chairs : Free James, Hufenbach Bernhard
  • Rapporteurs : Hermann Nicole
  • Speakers : Christensen Ian, Haese Marc, J. Hoffman Edward (Dr.), Mittman David, Lijesevic Jasmina, Peter Nicolas, Runciman Chris, Sanders Gerald, THEPAUT Jean-Baptiste, Wilde Detlef

Poster Session

  • Speakers : Jackson Shanessa, Becker Kate, Gilbert Chris, Conley Catharine (Dr.)

16. Embedded Panels

Embedded Panels.

Sessions open

NASA Space Launch System

NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) will offer an unsurpassed capability for human and scientific missions beyond low-Earth orbit. As the first exploration-class launch vehicle since the Saturn V, the SLS will help astronauts expand the boundaries that have limited us for the last 40 years. From launching planetary probes and astronomical observatories, to the first human trips to asteroids and Mars, the SLS will provide the volume and lift capability to perform international missions such as those outlined in the Global Exploration Roadmap. Set to fly in 2017, this capability will open a new era of discovery from the unique vantage point of space.

  • Moderator : Sauvageau Donald
  • Organizer : Montgomery Peter
  • Speakers : Beaman David, Creech Steve, Cook Jerry, Lyles Garry, May Todd, Singer Jody

Human Health and Performance: Mitigating Risk for Space Flight and Improving the Quality of Life on Earth

This panel will discuss managing human health and performance risks for spaceflight and how this work contributes significantly to improving the practice of medicine, environmental health monitoring and technology development here on earth. The highest human health risks for exploration missions will be introduced, along with insight into efforts to understand and mitigate the risks. The panel will discuss the benefits of this work for improving our quality of life on earth, including recent partnerships with academia, industry and governments resulting in earth/space benefits, and application to the terrestrial practice of clinical and remote telemedicine. Topics discussed include radiation, behavioral health, nutrition, ultrasound applications and mobile health applications.

  • Moderator : Davis Jeffrey R. (Dr.)
  • Organizer : Bopp Genie
  • Speakers : Crusan Jason, Damann Volker, Davis Jeffrey R. (Dr.), Dinges David (Prof.), Menon Anil, Semones Edward J., Smith Scott (Dr.)

Utilization of Off-Earth Resources: The Challenges Ahead

The panel will discuss the state of knowledge regarding the ability to confirm availability and use off-Earth resources, including commercial and scientific endeavors. They will discuss the current challenges related to resources on asteroids, the Moon and other bodies. They will discuss the potential contributions of human and robotic spaceflight to meeting these challenges.

  • Organizer : Liebermann Randy
  • Speakers : Elvis Martin (Dr.), Griffin Michael (Dr.), Hoffman Jeffrey (Prof.), Jones Tom (Dr.), Lisse Casey, Sanders Jerry

The ISECG Global Exploration Roadmap: Why is it Important and What Capabilities are Needed

This panel seeks a concentrated discussion on the GER, looking for innovative solutions and ideas to advance its strategy for coordinated human and robotic exploration. It will have two sub-panels. The first subpanel will discuss the GER itself and the impact of its development and release. The second will discuss the capability driven approach reflected in the GER; taking a step wise approach to developing advanced capabilities by building on demonstrated capabilities and maturing technologies. What near term capabilities can be developed to take the first international steps beyond low Earth orbit?

  • Organizer : Free James

The ISECG Global Exploration Roadmap: Missions and Technologies Advancing Towards Mars

This panel seeks a concentrated discussion on the GER, looking for innovative solutions and ideas to advance its strategy for coordinated human and robotic exploration. It will have two sub-panels. The first will focus on design reference missions, both early and long term. Discussing missions which meet the GER’s common goals and objective will highlight the benefits provided by advanced technologies. The second will focus on technology challenges for enabling human Mars missions with a discussion on what agencies are investing in today that can lead to the advanced technologies that will eventually be essential for a sustainable and affordable international space exploration effort. It will discuss how early deployment of many of these technologies will significantly enhance our ability to explore intermediate destinations such as the Moon and asteroids.

  • Moderator : Creech Steve
  • Organizer : Creech Steve
  • Speakers : Hopkins Josh, Thronsen Harley, Lester Daniel (Dr.), Martinez Roland, Drake Brett, Creech Steve, Culbert Chris, Saccoccia Giorgio, Schmidt George (Dr.), Lange Christian

The ISECG Global Exploration Roadmap: Destinations and Commercial Markets

This panel seeks a concentrated discussion on the GER, looking for innovative solutions and ideas to advance its strategy for coordinated human and robotic exploration. It will have two sub-panels. The first will discuss destination specific activities. What can be done at each location and what value will it bring in meeting common goals and objectives. The second panel will focus on commercial market opportunities which may be created with the future exploration missions.

  • Moderator : Sallaberger Christian (Dr.)
  • Organizer : Parker David
  • Speakers : Murrow David, Richards Bob, King David, Andrews Dana, Griffin Mike (Dr.), Shiraki Kuniaki (Dr.), Craig Mark

Lunar Frontiers - preserving lunar history and gaining science through government-commercial collaboration

NASA and GLXP representatives will provide additional information and answer questions related to their joint efforts to preserve lunar history and ongoing lunar science. The panel will also highlight other lunar developments in public-private partnerships .

  • Moderator : Spyke Keiser Rebecca

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Lockheed Martin

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